Finance Which Room Is Most Important? It Depends On Needs And Wants

There’s an adage, there’s an individual, for every house, and while it’s probably, true, it generally depends on someone’s needs, and priorities/ wants, as well as their finances, and abilities! As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, in the State of New York, for over a decade, I have been asked, on several occasions, which room, in a house, is the most important one. While there is no tried – and – proven, answer, it often depends on the context, and whether, it’s for one’s personal enjoyment, or related to resale value. This article will attempt to briefly examine 4 rooms, and review considerations, related to each one.1. Kitchen: If the consideration if for one’s personal comfort and/ or usage, the owner should examine his needs, and how he plans to use the room. Will the kitchen be used often, and will it be, for heavy or lighter use? Is the present design and layout, the best, for the homeowner, or does it need improving? Inspect the cabinets and appliances, in terms of condition, space, efficiency/ effectiveness, etc! When one looks, in terms of resale value, etc, the appearance of the kitchen cabinets, appliances, etc, might have a significant impact! Many prospective buyers, today, want stainless steel appliances, including stove, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc. They also avoid houses, when a kitchen looks dated or unattractive, but, refacing these cabinets, is often, far more cost – effective, than installing new cabinets!

2. Bedrooms: Inspect closets, and consider closet – systems, which might enhance the potential value, and usefulness! Will you paint and maintain the bedrooms, properly and effectively, as well as inspecting floors, cleanliness, etc. When you go to sell the house, realize how important it is, to be certain to eliminate/ reduce clutter, etc.3. Living room: While we often focus on the living room, most studies indicate, these are the least used rooms, in most houses! While living there, focus on what’s best for your needs and family, but avoid making changes, which might negatively impact, future value. Again, when you go to sell, reduce the clutter, address the cosmetics, and follow the advice of your real estate professional!

4. Den/ Family Room: Houses with well – situated, usable dens/ family rooms, are generally best suited, for family needs, etc. When you go to sell, reduce unnecessary clutter, neaten, clean, paint, and make these, a positive, selling point!There’s no simple answer to which room, is most important, to one’s enjoyment, and potential sale, of a house! It all depends on needs, wants, etc.